Box Core GUST Experiment

Yesterday we ran the GUST experiment at station AB5 with reasonable results. Today we did the box core GUST experiment using cores taken from a box core off the back of the boat, which worked out fairly well. Dr. Quigg took some photos while we were putting the corer together and when we were getting the cores (I'll see if she can upload the pictures and maybe I can send one or two to you tomorrow). Heath Mills' team is also using the HYPOX and box corer for their experiments. (Molecular characterization of the microbial community and cell counts). Dr. Quig also has some photos of us after getting all the box cores done, we were pretty dirty (you'd be proud). I took some pictures of the GUST experiment setup today but I do not have my camera cable with me. I think Brian has a camera and if he has his cable I will have him email some tomorrow (he's asleep right now because he is on the night shift). Everything seems to working appropriately and tomorrow I will try to have some one video tape us using the HYPOX corer. So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to send some photos of what has been and is going on.

RC Mickey