Well, we docked in Gulfport, Mississippi this morning at about 8 am.  We never thought that Mississippi could look so good!  A month at sea is a long time by any standards, even those of the crew.  Speaking of the crew, we’d like to take a minute and say how great the crew of the R/V Atlantis really is.  They work with a sense of professional pride, and are always eager to assist.  The food was great, the crew was hospitable, and we got a ton of great work accomplished.  Huge thanks go out to the crew and the Alvin team for making this cruise an incredible success! 

Our final tally for samples is quite impressive (and a bit dauntingly overwhelming for the months ahead!).  We collected a total of 298 samples for radium isotopes.  One measurement of each has already taken place on board, and we have two subsequent measurements of all samples to conduct once we are back in the lab.  We also collected 274 samples for radon analysis from water column, brine fluids (dissolved and emanated gas), and sediment core supernatants.  Finally, we filtered samples for Joe Montoya (Georgia Tech) from a total of 227 sample volumes.  In total, Rich and I processed a total of 4072 L of water during this cruise, which equates to about 4.6 tons of water.  

We also conducted a total of 665 km of trackline for bottom bathymetry and subbottom profiling from the shipboard geophysical suite.  This is an incredible amount of data forthcoming to process.

We hope you enjoyed following our adventure!  We’re going to make our way off this ship, find some sodas, and work our way back to Conway, SC!

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