Day 1,2 & 3

Day 1 (the Interstate): 12 hour drive from Conway, South Carolina to Biloxi, Mississippi. Arrived to Gulfport, Mississippi and loaded duffle bags and personal bags onto the R/V Cape Hatteras.

Day 2 (30 21.498 N , 89° 05.395 W): Today was spent at the pier in Gulfport. We loaded the boat, Kyle loaded up the cargo net while I caught the hook from the Midships Crane and loaded two vans and f-350 worth of equipment onto the boat. The remainder of the day was spent troubleshooting and dealing with the initial wave of Murphy’s law as we set up the gear. After a few last minutes of tweaks or repairs a trip to the hardware store and some rigging the CCU gear got secured and GUST erosional system set up custom to the boat and secured. ECU worked the fantail deck to better fit their operation and a few hours down time to relax from the Mississippi heat and a gargantuan feast and calls to family and friends before departing in the morning.

Day 3 (1600 29° 33.800 N , 88° 45.564 W. heading 191°): We shoved off and set sail for the first site just seaward of the southwest pass at 28° 46’ N , 89° 22’ W. As we shove off an impromptu knot briefing from Dr. Walsh and some of the students, of essential and handy line usages and finalized securing of equipment in the lab and deck. The twelve-hour steam leaves for a long scientific party briefing and introduction of credentials from the P.I.’s and background information in the galley. Shortly thereafter the briefing shipboard emergency drills or tutorials were given by the crew for everyone the likes of fire and man overboard emergency drills were taught to those not already familiar. The alleged E.T.A. for the first station is at 2100 hours. The CCU shifts running the gust system are setup that Kyle St. Clair and Preston O’Brien-Gayes will be in charge of the 0000 to 12000 watch running the GUST Erosional chamber system and Dr. Xu’s watch is 1200 to 0000.