Day 4 & 5

Day 4: Smooth sailing thus far since we started coring and sampling at 9 pm yesterday, the 0000 to 1200 shift managed to get ahead of schedule. The GUST system that CCU students Preston O’Brien-Gayes and Kyle St Clair operated went excellently. The data coming in looked good taking into account the whole night watch had been up since 0700 the night before for the most part this is quite a feat to be running at such a high rate after 24 hours working. The sites kept rolling in and minimal equipment failure or problems occurred. The natures of these particular research operations are extremely muddy so they ended as such with most everyone covered in muck. Work on getting the CTD running continued throughout the day but no word has trickled down to us since 0000 when our watch started. As we steam along we plan to move more away from the southwest pass to the Atchafalaya river system, a branch off from the Mississippi river that would be the natural path eventually for 2/3 of the United States to be diverted to without anthropogenic interference. It is expected more flood deposits to be found at the sites closer to the Atchafalya due to the opening of the Morganza spillway so the Mississippi delta was not overwhelmed by sediments. Right now we are still off of the Southwest pass over the Mississippi Canyon in 600 meters water depth.

Day 5 (28° 56.265’ N , 90° 10.320’ W) : The progress continued through the day shift as Dr. Xu kept plugging along from 1200 to 0000 today we will be making the steam to the West as we take a few core sites in transit. Preston and Kyle valiantly worked through the night on the graveyard shift and continued to work the GUST system and helped ECU working the deck on the coring and sub-sampling operations.

As per tradition minor things failed temporarily but quickly were rectified and progress continued. Still ahead of schedule and in transit right now.