Touring the Ship (part 1)

When moving in, my roommate and I discovered that our cabin is quite cozy! It’s a good thing we get along! We fortunately have a big common sitting area outside our room.

The galley is quite nice though, and the cooks do a great job of keeping everyone well fed.

With all that food, it’s a good thing there is a gym on board. Although as the seas pick up, exercising can be quite the adventure.

Most of the back deck is covered with gear for the seismic arrays, but there is a side A-frame for OBS deployments and small sediment coring operations. 

There a LOT of reels of cable on this ship…

…and a lot of extra stuff. I guess you never know when you might need a giant reel, some buoys or chains…all of which can come in quite handy at sea.

More ship photos to come as I keep exploring…