We have spent the last week or so up in the ice and it is just absolutely beautiful. One of the most exciting parts of being in the ice is ice liberty -- when all are able to get off the ship and run around on the ice!

As you can see in many of the ice photos, there are lots of melt ponds on the sea ice this year and it was difficult to find an ice floe large enough for ice liberty, but after a night of searching, we found a football field sized chunk that looked just right (shown below)!

Seeing the ship from the ice gives a better perspectiveof how large the Healy really is.

I was pretty excited to be WALKING ON THE ARCTIC OCEAN!!

Here's a view of the horizon from on the ice.

Shannon Klotsko ('11) representing CCU on the ice! Shannon worked with me as an undergraduate Marine Science student at CCU and is now a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  She is doing some of her PhD research up here in the Arctic as part of this expedition.

Ice liberty brought out the kid in everyone.  Most of the crew and scientists had never been on the ice before and we were all taking it in like little kids on a snow day.

We took a nice group photo of the HLY1302 expedition crew and scientists.