Circulation and Mixing in Winyah Bay: An Observational Approach

Event Location: 
BCCMWS Room 100
Event Date: 
Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 3:00pm
Event Type: 
SCMSS Seminar Series

Presenter: Diane Fribance (CCU)

Winyah Bay is a fairly large and complex local estuary, with diverse ecosystems and inputs from a variety of rivers. Prior studies have started to explore the circulation patterns and the driving forces behind tidal and residual circulation in this system. Using recent data acquired during May 2014, I will review what we know so far and what information is necessary to get a better grasp on the dynamics of this system. Two cross-sections in particular will be described, including what are likely the first energy dissipation estimates for this region. The high tidal velocities provided a challenging environment for vertical microstructure profiles, obtained over six days. The complex interactions of tides, winds, and changing river input make this region a good candidate for future observation and possible numerical modeling.