Paul Gayes

Director, School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science, Director, Burroughs and Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies, Palmetto Professor of Marine Science and Geology
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Phone: (843) 349-4015
Office: BCMW 105
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  • Yan, T., S. Bao, L. J. Pietrafesa and P. T. Gayes, 2014: Modal Inter-Comparisons between North Atlantic Accumulated Cyclone Energy and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation, and the Pathology of the 2013 Hurricane Season. Special Issue: Weather Forecasting, Nature Science (in print)


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  • Pietrafesa, L.J., Dickey, D.A., Gayes, P.T., Yan, T., Epps, J.M., Hagan, M., Boa, S., Peng, M., 2013, On Atmospheric-Oceanic-Land Temperature Variability and Trends, 2013, International Journal of Geoscience. V.4, n.2, p. 417-443
  • Pietrafesa, Leonard J., David A. Dickey, Paul T. Gayes, Tingzhuang Yan, James M. Epps, Maura Hagan, Shaowu Bao, and Machuan Peng. 2013 "On Atmospheric-Oceanic-Land Temperature Variability and Trends." International Journal of Geosciences 4 (2013): 417-443.
  • Yan, Tingzhuang, S. Bao, L. Pietrafesa and P. Gayes, 2013: Modal Inter-Comparisons between North Atlantic Accumulated Cyclone Energy and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation, and the Pathology of the 2013 Hurricane Season. Journal Natural Science (accepted)
  • Schwab, W.C., Baldwin, W.E., Hapke, C.J., Lentz, E.E., Gayes, P.T., Denny, J.F., List, J.H. and Warner, J.C., 2013, Geologic Evidence for Onshore Sediment Transport from the inner continental shelf: Fire Island, New York, Journal of Coastal Research. V.29, n 3, p 526-544,


  • A.L. Alkire, P.T. Gayes, C. Knapp and D.F. Williams, 2011, Depositional history and the effects of sea level rise on Thousand Acre Marsh, Georgetown, SC, USA, South Carolina Journal
  • Slattery, M., Bokuniewicz, H. and Gayes, P.T., 2011, Flash Rip Currents on Ocean Shoreline of Long Island, in; Leatherman, S. and Fletemeyer, eds., Rip Currents: Beach Safety Physical Oceanography and Wave Modeling, Chapter 2, p 31-45.  CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL


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  • Crowe, S.E, Gayes, P.T., Viso, R.F., Bergquist, D.C., Jutte, P.C., and Van Dolah, R.F, 2010 Impact of the Charleston Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site on nearby Hard Bottom Reef Habitats, Marine Pollution Bulletin 60 (2010) 679–691
  • Hapke, C.J., Lentz, E.E., Gayes, P.T., Williams, S.J., McCoy, C. and Schwab, W.C., 2010, A Review of Sediment Budget Imbalances along Fire Island, New York: Can Nearshore Geologic Framework and Patterns of Shoreline Change Explain the Deficit?, Journal of Coastal Research- Volume 26, Issue 3 pp. 510-522


  • Park, J-Y., Gayes, P.T., and Wells, J.T., 2009, Monitoring Beach Re-Nourishment along the Sediment Starved Shoreline of the Grand Strand, South Carolina, Journal of Coastal Research. v. 25, p 336-349


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  • Reynolds, B.M., Wren, P.A. and Gayes, P.T., ,2007, Decadal Evolution of Shoreface geometry in South Carolina, USA: in Krauss, N.,  ed, Coastal Sediments, Amer. Soc. Of Civil Eng., New Orleans
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