Susan Libes

Director, Waccamaw Watershed Academy, Professor of Marine Science and Chemistry
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Phone: (843) 349-4028
Office: BCMW 107
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  • Jayakaran, A., S. Libes, D.Hitchcock, N. Bell, and D. Fuss. (2013)  Flow, Organic, and Inorganic Sediment Yields from a Channelized Watershed in the South Carolina Lower Coastal Plain.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association.  DOI: 10.1111/jawr.12148
  • Libes, S.M. (2013) Development of A Local Water Quality Monitoring Program For Small MS4s Through Collaboration With Local Universities. Proceedings of StormCon 2013, Aug 19-22 2013. Myrtle Beach, SC USA. 


  • Thepaut B., Libes S., Young H., Jayakaran A., 2012. Plant Survival In The Floodplain Restoration Of Crabtree Swamp, Horry County, SC. Proceedings of the 2012 South Carolina Water Resources Conference at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.
  • Sanger, D. M., E. M. Smith, G. Voulgaris, E. T. Koepfler, S. M. Libes, G. H. M. Riekerk, D. C. Bergquist, D. I. Greenfield, P. Ansley Wren, C. A. McCoy, R. F. Viso, R. N. Peterson, and J. D. Whitaker, 2012.  Constrained enrichment contributes to hypoxia formation in Long Bay, South Carolina, an open water urbanized coastline.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 461, 15-30.
  • Libes, S.M,, M. Trapp, S. Kindelberger, and D. Doremus (2012) Long Bay Hypoxia Monitoring Consortium.  Proceedings of the 2012 South Carolina Water Resources Conference, Columbia, South Carolina. 
  • Libes, S., K. Hayes, C. Ellis and S. Sledz. (2012) Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring in Northeastern South Carolina for NPDES Phase II Stormwater Compliance.  Proceedings of the SC Environmental Conference, March 10-14, 2012. Myrtle Beach, SC 


  • McCoy, C.A., R.F. Viso, R.N. Peterson, S. Libes, B. Lewis, J.G. Ledoux, G. Voulgaris, E. Smith, and D. Sanger, 2011.  Radon as an indicator of limited cross-shelf mixing and submarine groundwater discharge in a coastal embayment along the South Atlantic Bight.  Continental Shelf Research, 31 (12), 1306-1317.


  • Libes, S. and D. Fuss (2010) Community-based watershed planning in the Kingston Lake Watershed of northeastern South Carolina. 2010 South Carolina Environmental Conference Proceedings, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, March 13-16, 2010, 8 pp.
  • Sanger, D., D. Hernandez, S. Libes, G. Voulgaris, B. Van Dolah, G. Reikerk, B. Davis, E. Smith, R. Shuford, D. Porter, E. Koepfler, and J. Bennett (2010)  A Case History of the Science and management Collaboration in Understanding Hypoxia Events in Long Bay, South Carolina, USA.  Environmental Management, 46:  340-350. 


  • Libes, S.M. (2009) An Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry, 2nd ed.  Elsevier, Academic Press, 909 pp.  


  • Libes, S.M. (1999) Learning Quality Assurance/Quality Control Using U.S. EPA Techniques: An Undergraduate Course for Environmental Chemistry Majors. Journal of Chemical Education, 76:1642-1648.  
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