Water Quality Monitoring Program Leader Selected for Conservationist Award

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®,Christine Ellis, has been selected to receive the prestigious 2011 South Carolina Wildlife Federation Water Conservationist Award.  Through the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®, a program of Winyah Rivers Foundation, Christine Ellis has provided project leadership in partnership with Coastal Carolina University’s Waccamaw Watershed Academy (Dr. Susan Libes and Mr. Ken Hayes) to manage a Waccamaw River Volunteer Monitoring project.  This long-term project, now over 5 years in existence, engages community volunteers in water quality monitoring on the Waccamaw River in South Carolina advancing protection of water quality and important habitat in the Waccamaw Watershed.

To learn more about the Waccamaw River Volunteer Monitoring project, visit the folloing webpage, http://www.coastal.edu/wwa/vm/index.html.