Cruise preparation, part 2

We made it to the Atlantis yesterday and got moved in.  The ship is magnificently designed for scientific research and it was really exciting to first see her.  Knowing all of the great discoveries that have been made aboard this very ship, from the Titanic to the mid-ocean ridge faunal communities, it is quite a pleasure to be aboard her.  In addition, the science party is made up of an incredibly talented group of research professionals and students, and we are very much optimistic that this cruise will be a huge success. 

Cruise preparation, part 1

Hi Everybody! This is the first in a series of blog entry updates on a R/V Atlantis cruise to the Gulf of Mexico. Rich Viso and I (Rick Peterson) will be boarding Atlantis on November 6th to embark on a 29 day cruise with researchers from the University of Georgia, University of North Carolina, Florida State University, University of Southern Denmark, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and Harvard University.


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