Day 5 of Sampling: Exhausted but excited!

What an exhausting week! Today we finished opening and sampling all of the cores. Our busy team consisting of Dr. Hendrik Lantzsch, Dr. Till Hanebuth, Dr. Isabel Mendes, Dr. Laura Anton Lopez, Mareike Höhne, Grit Warratz, Basti Steinborn and Mary Lee King.  Of the 152 core sections we opened, described, logged, sampled and stored, most of them were gravity cores along with some vibracores, giant box cores, and Rumohr cores. 

Day 4 of Sampling: Holy Beach!

Today we finished sampling all of the gravity core samples and opened the one intact vibracore we collected from Pos482 CADISED on the cute vessel POSEIDON.  A gravity core can mainly sample only mud.  This device has of 1.5 tons of weight attached to a cable with the core pipe and core sample sleeve inside.  As a gravity core is slowly lowered through the seafloor, it collects material as far into the strata as the material will allow it to penetrate.  The core catcher keeps the sample within the core sleeve as the device is brought back up to the ship.  A vibracore is much more complicate

Day 3 of Sampling: A Little Gassy…

The constant struggle of meeting Grit and Till on the tram to the University of Bremen continues. Day 3 of the sampling party at MARUM included a very interesting core.  It was drilled near a natural gas pocket below the seafloor.  At least 90% of the core experienced various levels of expansion as the core was opened due to gas bubbles releasing pressure. 

Day 2 of Sampling: My on-going struggle with sour foods

The tram ride goes a lot quicker when you have someone to chat with!  Day 2 of the sampling party at MARUM went a bit slower because one of the cores, taken directly in front of the mouth of the major river in the Gulf of Cadiz, had amazing stratification through over 500cm.  With the amount of detail in each layer, we had to sample at 5cm instead of 10cm intervals and the core sediment description took twice as long as well.  Most of the cores we are opening are from mud depocenter deposits located on the continental shelf off southern Spain.  These deposits are, for the most part, homogen




Day 1 of Sampling

After waking up this morning at 5am to check out the super blood moon (and being disappointed by the clouds), we kicked off the sampling party at MARUM.  First we started by opening a handful of the 28 Gravity Cores collected on the POS482 cruise on RV Poseidon from March 2015.  These gravity cores were sampled to a maximum depth of 5.75 m below the seafloor.  To make them more manageable and easier to transport, we cut them into 1 m sections on the ship. 


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