2013 South Carolina Environmental Conference

Experience Type: 
Date Participated: 
March, 2013
Experience Description: 
During Spring Break 2013, I traveled to Myrtle Beach South Carolina to participate in the South Carolina Environmental Conference. My participation included presenting my first undergraduate research poster with help from Dr. Libes and Dr. Peterson. Also, I attended the conference presentations and Exhibit hall, where there were hundreds of engineering and water treatment firms. I believe conferences serve as "acts of progress" toward science around the world. There were many Masters and PhD students from Clemson Engineering school that were friendly and offered great advice toward my future endeavors. I would like to thank Dr. Libes and Dr. Peterson for offering me the undergraduate research position and for allowing me to independently form hypotheses, field work, lab work, and graphing analyses. Also, the data collected from Briarcliffe Acres has been posted online for the community to watch ascending and descending groundwater and lake levels. See the web application here: http://bccmws.coastal.edu/bagw/index.html. I am very proud to be a chanticleer and I hope that other students can be as involved as I have been throughout my academic career.
Undergraduate research is the reason I have attended a 4 year institution. The professors at Coastal Carolina University have allowed me to learn out side of the classroom. I believe this is the best way to learn and I believe I have surmounted the expectations of an undergraduate. I hope that I will use this experience to further my academic future. Thanks CCU!