Day 1 of Sampling

After waking up this morning at 5am to check out the super blood moon (and being disappointed by the clouds), we kicked off the sampling party at MARUM.  First we started by opening a handful of the 28 Gravity Cores collected on the POS482 cruise on RV Poseidon from March 2015.  These gravity cores were sampled to a maximum depth of 5.75 m below the seafloor.  To make them more manageable and easier to transport, we cut them into 1 m sections on the ship. 

This morning, we started by cutting these 1 m cores down the center, from end to end, to store an archive half and sample a working half. The archived half was then prepared for a high-resolution photo and sediment description including taking note of any biological and geological changes.  The working half was sampled a variety of ways dependent on which colleagues were interested in that core location.  Once the working and archival sections were completed, each core was prepared for storage in the MARUM GeoB core repository in a neighboring building.

Hard at work sampling with Hendrik Lantzsch, Isabel Mendes, and Grit Warratz.  Yes, I am wearing a foam crown because why not.  Credit: Till J.J. Hanebuth

This opportunity not only allows me to work with my own samples, but I also get to learn proper techniques in sample handling and preparation used at an international level.  Tomorrow’s sampling will go a lot smoother now that we are all a “well-oiled sampling machine”.

Today’s German lessons included coming to the realization I can never be a German because I don’t like sauerkraut (like at all).  I think I can live on meat and potatoes forever, so I think I can prove them wrong.

German word of the day: Lunch = Mittagessen

Prost from across the pond,

Mary Lee