Day 3 of Sampling: A Little Gassy…

The constant struggle of meeting Grit and Till on the tram to the University of Bremen continues. Day 3 of the sampling party at MARUM included a very interesting core.  It was drilled near a natural gas pocket below the seafloor.  At least 90% of the core experienced various levels of expansion as the core was opened due to gas bubbles releasing pressure. 

Figure 1 below shows this core’s location along a transect that is perpendicular to the shore.  To the left of this transect is land and to the right is the shelf edge.  Notice how there is a spot where the lines in the deeper subbottom cannot be seen. This is an area where there is so much gas which migrated upward within the sediment that it prevented the 3.5 kHz CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) system from receiving a signal back.  

Figure 1 depicts the core location that experienced expansion when opening.  Credit Pos482. 

German Beer Law Difference: It is not unusual to see a group of friends enjoying a beer in the middle of the day on campus or walking around the city. There is no need to hide the container either since there are no open container laws in Germany.

German word of the day: Water Bottle = Wasserflasche

German word of the day, bonus: Battlefield = Schlachtfeld

Prost from across the pond,

Mary Lee