Radiography Sample Preparation

We prepared a core that has excellent internal sediment structures with lamination, i.e., the preserved products of rapid environmental changes in the past. This was maybe the only core that had very little bioturbation. Bioturbation occurs when organisms disturb the original sediment structures with their burrows. This process destroys the natural lamination within. The core was taken just in front of the Guadalquivir River mouth in 22 m of water.

The first step was to clean the surface. Then we pushed plastic plates into the sediment to collect 1cm thick slabs. After we cut them out of the core, the sample was cleaned within the plate and sealed in airtight bags. In a month or so, a colleague will run the samples through an X-ray machine.  

Mary Lee King is holding the sample plates in place as Till Hanebuth prepares to cut them out of the core. Credit: Mareike Höhne.

Fun fact: When parents name their child in Germany, the name has to correspond to the sex of the child. The German government has a list of approved given names (first names) that can be chosen from for boys and girls.

German word of the day: Brother = Bruder, because I miss my three brothers, Mike, Curtiss and Louie.

German word of the day bonus: Grapes = Weintrauben. Friday, I came upon a stand selling fruits and vegetables.  The grapes were yummy. 

Prost from across the pond,

Mary Lee