A short trip to Hamburg

Saturday, I took the day to explore Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. The people from there call their city “my pearl” and “the gate to the world”. Train traveling has been a great experience so far.  Everything is almost exactly on time!  The train ride to Hamburg from Bremen took only a little over and hour and a half.  During my adventure, I met people biking Germany from Sydney, Australia.  One of them was actually born in Pittsburgh, PA which is only an hour and a half’s drive from my hometown. SMALL WORLD! I also met a group of girls on a ‘Hen Do’ (Bachelorette Party) from London, England.  We spent some time comparing English word usage differences between England and America.  Calling a ‘restroom’ the ‘toilet’ makes more sense.

The left photo depicts the Hamburger Rathaus, or city hall for Hamburg.  The right photo shows the Elbe Philharmonic Hall that is still under construction.  Credit: Mary Lee King

I spent most of the day by the docks on the River Elbe checking out some cool boats and learning a bit about the harbor. Apparently Hamburg has more bridges and canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined! Some of these canals are used to prevent sediment accumulation in certain areas of the harbor. At low tide, areas within the waterways had muddy bars of sediment above the water surface.

The left photo depicts ‘Rickmer Rickers’ at the dock.  The right photo show one of the locks that is used to control sediment transport through the harbor.  Credit: Mary Lee King
Inside the Hauptbahnhof train station in Hamburg, Germany.  Credit: Mary Lee King

German word of the day: Standtrundfahrt = City Tour

Prost from across the pond,

Mary Lee