CCU Students at the 2015 American Meteorological Society Meeting

Saturday, January 3, 2015

On 3-9 January 2015, current and former CCU students presented their research work and had a serendipitous CCU reunion at the 2015 American Meteorological Society meeting in Phoenix. These students had conducted or are conducting research projects with the School of Coastal and Marine System Science (SCMSS) faculty members and its affiliates. Now a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, Olga Tweedy (Marine Science ‘2013) is trying to understand the impact of ozone depletion on climate. Christina McCluskey (Chemistry ‘2011) is studying ice-nucleating particles in sea spray aerosol, as part of her doctoral work at Colorado State University.  Renee Richardson (Marine Science ‘2015) is performing numerical simulations to assess the impact of sea surface temperature on hurricane frequency. Ty Limpasuvan (CCU’s Scholars Academy) is characterizing dust plume heights and speed over the Bodele Depression using NASA satellite images.

Current and former students associated with SCMSS converged at the 2015 American Meteorological Society meeting in Phoenix (Arizona) to present their research work. Pictured above in front of the Phoenix Convention Center, these students are (from left to right): Olga Tweedy, Christina McCluskey, Renee Richardson, Brian Keller, and Ty Limpasuvan.