Horry County Beach and Nearshore Area Monitoring

As part of the Grand Strand Nourishment Project, Horry County is obligated to undertake an annual monitoring program for its beaches. The cooperative agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers for the nourishment project specifies that wading depth surveys be completed at the 29 OCRM benchmarks each year. These surveys are to be conduced in early summer (May-June) and additional surveys are to be completed following severe storm events. A severe storm is defined as one that causes erosion of the protective berm. To date, the County’s monitoring obligation has been largely met through data collected by the Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies through the BERM (Beach Erosion Research and Monitoring) Program.

Data Products

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This dataset shows mean high water (MHW) contours along Grand Strand beaches (Horry County), collected monthly with a Real-Time Kinematic GPS system. The Zip archive contains an ESRI shapefile.

SDSFIE Release 2.600

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