NSF-RUI: Dynamical Coupling during Major Stratospheric Sudden Warming

Characterized by an abrupt break-down of the Northern Hemisphere winter polar vortex, a major stratospheric sudden warming (SSW) can elicit notable and unexpected changes in the mesosphere, as underlined by recent evidence of an elevated stratopause at 80 km. The connection between the stratosphere and mesosphere is potentially tied to gravity waves (GWs) and planetary waves (PWs), dynamical features on the opposite ends of the spatiotemporal spectrum.Using a global chemistry-climate model, a mesoscale model, and observations, this project seeks to illuminate the stratosphere-mesosphere coupling with respect to major SSWs by (1) characterizing the sources/properties of GWs and PWs in the stratosphere and mesosphere, and by (2) assessing their roles and interactions in driving this coupling and the elevated stratopause. A better understanding of the stratosphere-mesosphere coupling during major SSWs can further advance our knowledge of climate evolution, ozone variability, and space physics. 


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