R/V Cape Hatteras Gulf of Mexico Research Cruise

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 to Monday, August 8, 2011

Between August 3 and 8, 2011, Kevin Xu, Preston O'Brien-Gayes, and Kyle St. Clair from Coastal Carolina University will be on a research cruise in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. This project was funded by NSF RAPID program to study sedimentation from the 2011 flooding of Mississippi River. Collaborators include geochemists and geological oceanographers Drs. J.P. Walsh, Reide Corbett and Sid Mitra from East Carolina University. A total of fourteen scientists will use the R/V Cape Hatteras to collect seabed and water-column samples and measure sea bed erodibility using Gust Erosion Chambers near the Mississippi Delta and the Atchafalaya Bay mouth.

R/V Cape Hatteras Gulf of Mexico Research Cruise Field Notes

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