R/V Marcus Langseth mid-Atlantic Seaboard Cruise

Sunday, September 14, 2014 to Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr. Jenna Hill will be spending 6 weeks in September/October aboard the R/V Marcus Langseth to collect multichannel seismic reflection data offshore of Virginia and North Carolina.  This research is part of the Community Seismic Experiment for the Eastern North American Margin focus site, as part of the GeoPRISMS (Geodynamic Processes at Rifting and Subducting Margins) initiative funded by the National Science Foundation.  The overarching goal of the Community Seismic Experiment is to better understand how the eastern edge of the continent has evolved since North America separated from the supercontinent, Pangea, back in the Jurassic era (~250 Million years).  In addition to examining the tectonic processes, the expedition will also be studying several large underwater landslides offshore of North Carolina that are known to have generated tsunamis in the thousands of years ago.  Dr. Hill has been researching submarine landslides for several years to understand the cause of these failures in hopes of better predicting where landslides might occur in the future.

R/V Marcus Langseth mid-Atlantic Seaboard Cruise Field Notes