Distributed Wind 2012: A Capitol Hill Event for Small and Community Wind

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Date Participated: 
March, 2012
Experience Description: 
The conference last three days; however, only one full day I was able to attend. The purpose of my participation was to spread awareness of the efforts of North Myrtle Beach, SC, to establish connections that could provide connections to thesis study information, and networking opportunities for future career possibilities. Tuesday (3/27/12) was a Lobby Day, which members of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) met with members of Congress to encourage them to renew the tax credits for renewable energy. Some meetings seemed to go very positive while others seemed to lack any accomplishment. Most meetings were with the the staff of the representatives. Staff ranged from people that were low twenties to middle age. This caused some difficulties when speaking to them since many had minimal knowledge of wind energy and the essential necessity for tax credits for particular projects. This topic caried throughout the remaining of the conference. Wednesday (3/28/12) was an all day conference that was broken into two fields of Community Wind Energy and Small Wind Energy. I attended nearly all Community Wind sessions. This conference represented the first conference of an upcoming annual gathering. Therefore, these sessions were mostly designated to share past experiences and attempt to design plans and hopes for the future. Both Community and Small Wind are typically found close to residential properties, much conversation was spent discussing community support and approval of the projects. Near the end of the conference there was a building converation of the need to develop an alternate development model if the ITC or PTC are not renewed.