Georgia Coastal Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research (GCE LTER) Conference

Experience Type: 
Date Participated: 
January, 2011
Experience Description: 
At the conference, I presented a poster of my research that merged airborne LIDAR data with multibeam bathymetry data of the Duplin River. From the data, I was able to create a digital elevation model (DEM) that will be used in future studies. Other scientists also presented their research and included updates. The types of research ranged from population ecology, coastal geology, numerical modeling, and water quality. The conference was hosted at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.
This opportunity improved my presentation skills and confidence. It was my first presentation that was not in a classroom setting. I learned how to describe complicated research in terms that others would understand. Lastly, I met multiple well-known scientists that may offer more research opportunities in the near future.