River Gaging

Experience Type: 
Student Employee
Date Participated: 
February, 2011 to September, 2011
Experience Description: 
I participated in an ongoing ambient water monitoring program for the local rivers in Conway and Myrtle Beach. I had two specific roles for this project. The first was aiding in sample collections and data collection out in the field. I would drive from one site to the other with a lab technician and we would take several water samples and use probes to measure values such as salinity and temperature. My second role in this project was lab analysis of the samples. I would measure turbidity and filter the samples for chlorophyll analysis. I would then grind the samples and use a fluorometer to obtain chlorophyll concentrations for the samples.
Participating in this project has helped me by providing me with field experience, specifically how to collect water samples for chemical analysis, and lab experience. It made me familiar with the procedure for chlorophyll analysis and the theory behind itas processing. It has made me very familiar with a fluorometer and how it works.