Southeastern Coastal Wind Conference

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March, 2012
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The Conference was the first regional meeting for the subject matter of coastal wind in the Southeastern United States. With over 300 attendees from all walks of life and career paths. Given the diversity of the group assembled from students like myself to Senators and House members it gave a quite interesting economic perspective on subject matter. As a student working on small scale projects in North Myrtle Beach, listening in on the seminars for regional assets and larger scale projects and companies opens your eyes to how the real world works economicaly. Members are listed on the website for the conference at along with sponsors. The conference was a large succsess and extremely informative. There were certain comments from government officials and others in power that were quite blunt and black and white given a very intricate conceptual proposition for utilities and potential economic benifits of industry.
The experience added an economic and political background to modernday problems that otherwise is easily looked over when taking a scientific and logical path towards change. The Law of the Path of Least Resistance states that, when given an option, one naturally takes the path of least resistance or the 'easiest' path towards a goal, or from point A to B. While the sciences work off logic and reason, economics and politics have other driving factors that must be taken into account whilst making a decision. This is a perspective that must not be overlooked, especially when approaching a our projects, for instance; the path of least resistance for a bulldozer is quite different than that of an ant. I would redundantly quote the idiom "take everything with a grain of salt". This conference and the aforementioned SCANA economic conference really opens eyes to a concept that is easily looked over. Different people have different backgrounds and needs, different fields of study are much the same and this is evident in conferences. One of the largest observations, that took most of my undergraduate career and many projects to realize, is something elementary in concept but difficult to apply on the fly is that like I said earlier different fields use different words to depict the same process or concept and only when you step back and think about what someone actually meant can you communicate effectively throughout different disciplines and this was very evident in some seminars.

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