Student Lab Tech at EQL

Experience Type: 
Student Employee
Date Participated: 
January, 2012 to May, 2012
Experience Description: 
While at the lab I assisted the lab technicians in their work. I worked on several projects including river gauging, beach monitoring, and NERRS. I would prepare bottles for sampling and log samples in when they arrived at the lab. I measured samples for ammonia, salinity, conductivity, and turbidity. I also performed monthly tasks at the lab such as inventories and total chlorine tests on DI water. Weekly I performed QC checks and prepared media for bacteria tests. The purpose of my work at the lab was to assist the technicians and further my education.
During this experience I had the chance to reinforce what I have learned in my classes. I also got to perform many tasks that we learned about in the class but never actually had the chance to perform. My time at the lab gave me insight on how a lab operates.

Additional Experiences